Welcome to The Christian Life Gospel Ministry 

The Christian Life Gospel Ministry was founded by the Reverend Michael ‘Hank’ Wilson to reach across boundaries and labels in order to spread the good news about Jesus.  ‘

Reverend Wilson was the Pastor of the Llano Cowboy Church and also the Central Texas Cowboy Church and has published 3 Audio Books in the Facing Life The Cowboy Way Series available from both Amazon and Google Play Store. Each of which deals with real life issues in a real world, straight forward manner.

The Central Texas Cowboy Church’ produced the Cowboy Gospel Hour’ which ran on radio and the internet from 2005 until 2015.  Understanding that times have changed but the truth is constant, the Christian Life Gospel Ministry shares the teachings of Jesus via this new audio podcast and from this new site.

Life today is full of trials, challenges, and confusion.  Many people are desperately trying to fill inner needs with external stimulation and the reality is that cannot be accomplished.  The teachings and messages that you will find on this site are drawn up in such a way as to offer practical advice on how to be a Christian in today’s world.

Each message varies in length, the recent ones run from 2-3:30 minutes, (maybe 4 on occasion) and some of the older ones run 15-20 minutes. All of them offer words of encouragement, methods of devotion and a discussion of the teachings found in the New Testament and occasionally a look back at the historical Jesus.

In addition to the audio messages, written messages will be posted also.  The written messages are primarily used as support for the audio messages and focus on the same topic areas.

Hopefully these messages not only bring comfort, joy and blessings; but more importantly, that they also help bring people closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through these teachings and messages you will be able to lead a true Christian Life.

If you would like to help grow this ministry, I would appreciate it. Any donation of any amount is very welcome. How the money is to be used can be found HERE

Thanks for stopping by, God bless, and peace y’all

Michael ‘Hank’ Wilson