Thank you for considering making a donation to the ministry. Now I am not going to insult your intelligence by promising you that if you make a donation, then God will shower you with money. It doesn’t work that way, you are helping me to continue spreading His word and planting seeds of faith in folks who might need it.

If you visit the “Meet the Minister” page you will see that I am a retired Pastor and that I ran the Central Texas Cowboy Church and was the original Pastor for the Llano Cowboy Church. My focus has always been on reaching those who others can’t or won’t be bothered with.

You will notice that yes, I have placed some ads on the site; however, it is known that those types of ads really do not generate enough revenue to keep the lights on and the doors open. I would  greatly appreciate it though, if when you are out shopping, you try clicking one of our links or do the search. In the meantime…


Consider this much like you would any crowd funding issue. All donations received go to the creation, production, and distribution of the “Christian Life Gospel Ministry” podcasts and this site. Funds are also used to pay for the hosting of the site, and hopefully soon radio time to get the messages out to more people. I am also working on follow up audio books to my “Welcome to the Rodeo” series of biblical based messages. If you donate, I will make sure you can get either a download or a CD of my previous audio books, and of course the newest ones.

If you have a prayer request, please use the contact form on the site and let me know. If there is a certain life issue you are dealing with and want some biblical advice on how to approach it; also, let me know.


Thank you, God Bless, and peace y’all
Michael ‘Hank’ Wilson