A Short Note – We Need To Lead By The Example Of Living A Christian Lifestyle – 11-28-2016

We need to try to provide an example of how to live a Christian Lifestyle for others.

The pure simple Christian Lifestyle Is Where We Need To LiveOften church members ask me if they really need to worry about being an example of someone trying to live a Christian Lifestyle. They point out how it seems like everywhere they look celebrities are acting one way and how the world seems to celebrate their behavior; whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. It often seems the media constantly ridicules every public figure who lives a Christian Lifestyle. So what possible difference could it make if they, as regular people do will it actually mean or accomplish anything?

The truth of the matter is yes, it does make a difference and yes, we are called to do our best to be examples of people living a Christian Lifestyle. In Titus Chapter 2 verse 7, Paul writes, “in all things show yourself to be an example of good deeds, with purity in doctrine, dignified”. Too many of us worry that since it seems as if the world is turning away from true Christianity and society wants to make Christians feel like outcasts, there is just no reason to practice a Christian Lifestyle.
That is the reason we need to make sure we do live a Christian Lifestyle. We are not going to bring folks back to Christ by yelling and screaming at them. We are going to bring them to Christ by showing how much of a difference He can make in their own lives. We need to return to the ways of the past, when Christians stood out from the crowd.

In fact, we should take the advice of one of the most famous of early Christians. One of the earlies of what are known as apologetics (defenders of the faith) Justin Martyr when he wrote in 155 AD; “For we ought not to be contentious; neither has he (Christ) desired us to be imitators of wicked men, but he exhorted us to lead all men by patience and gentleness, from shame and the love of evil.”

Let us lead the people back to Christ, one person at a time, by giving them examples of people simply living a Christian Lifestyle.

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