Trouble Coping? 4-15-2019

I often have trouble coping with stressRecently, I have had trouble coping with several issues that have popped up in my life. I have asked myself, how long can I continue coping with life’s demands? They often seem impossible and some of the obstacles appear insurmountable. In those times, I try to focus on what Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew in chapter 19 verse 26 – “And looking at them Jesus said to them, ‘With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ ” After I pray on that verse, trying to understand what Jesus is saying, I realize that my coping skills need some work.

What happens it when I trying coping with an issue on my own, I tend to fail at it and that leads me to be depressed and frustrated. I begin to think I will never be able to figure a way to deal with the situation. The reality is that is true, by myself if is impossible to understand all the ramifications of my actions, and when I am coping with a problem, I need to understand it all. That is impossible for me; however, if I bring God into the equation, then it becomes possible. I try to bring God into the equation by simply talking to Him; and yes, I usually speak aloud because that way I can hear myself. When I am coping with an issue that has me confused, I find it helpful to know that God is listening and that He will help me understand the path to take.

I have found that listing is also how I can help others who are having trouble coping with life. In the Book of Job in chapter 21 verse 2, Job tells his friends; “Listen carefully to my speech, And let this be your way of consolation.” When one of our friends is having a tough time coping with the world, with their situation, if we just listen to them, that will help. The way it helps is it offers them a release and often when we talk about what is going on in our lives, an answer comes to us. We do not have to have all the answers, it is okay to say, “I don’t know, if you would like I’ll see if I can find a possible answer”. One thing we should never do is discount what they are going through. I have had people tell me, “oh don’t worry about it”; seriously? If it was not an issue for me, I would not be worried about it; however, since it is a major issue to me, I do worry. Telling anyone not to worry is not helping him or her when that person is in the midst of coping with something in their lives. No matter how trivial it may seem to us, to that person it is a major problem, and if we just listen, let them talk it out, it is as if we popped the top of a coke can and let some of the pressure release.

Remember, when we are having difficulty coping turn to the Lord in prayer and ask for guidance, when you encounter a friend having difficulty coping, listen to them and pray for them. Those steps help more than you know and eventually we will see the result and find the coping skills you need.

Remember God loves you and He will give you the strength you need whenever you are having difficulty coping with one of life’s issues. God Bless and Peace y’all

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